Pushing Kentucky students to think about life after high school, Fast Change Lube and
Oil participated in Operation Preparation at Sheldon Clark High School in Inez.
The Kentucky Department of Education’s Operation Preparation project provides an
opportunity for schools and communities to work together to support college and career
readiness. The initiative allows an opportunity to help students in their transitioning years to
focus on their future plans and help them set goals to accomplish them.
Sheldon Clark High School sophomores had the chance to hold conversations with
community-based mentors and a variety of working professionals. Students discussed their
Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) with business like Fast Change Lube and Oil to help them
determine the required education and training needed to meet their career goals. Along with
discussions about ILPs, Fast Change District Managers Josh Keeton and Jon Keeton held
conversations with students about the importance of their grades and KEES money. KEES
awards are based on the student’s GPA. They earn money each year they are in high school to put
towards their college education. Discussions about the soft skills that are needed for employment
was also thrown on the table. Skills such as attendance and how it relates to future employment.
Fast Change Lube and Oil is honored to engage students in conversations about how they
can prepare for their bright futures.