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2018 Open Enrollment Notice

The 2018 Open Enrollment Notification has been uploaded, it can be found under the Employee Form subsection of the Operation Forms. Employees who enrolled in the Key Benefits Plan last year will be NOT required to do anything. For those…

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Full Service Oil Change SOP: Update

The Full Service Oil Change Standard Operating Procedure has been updated to include the following changes to the Lower Bay Inspector Procedure (Quality Assurance Double Check): "4.  The upper bay tech will check the oil pan drain plug for proper…

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New Online Forms

Three new online forms have been added to the Operation Forms page of the employee website, New Employee Form, Employee Update Form, and Termination of Employment Form. These forms are completed online and once submitted are electronically sent to the…

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Updates: Online Forms & Other Pages

The Operations Forms page has been updated to include revisions of the TrueBrand Order Form, Credit Card Purchases, Maintenance Request Form, and other forms. A "Quick Nav" menu was placed on the operations forms page to make navigation throughout the…

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Updates: Operating Procedures & SOP’s Live

The Operating Procedures & Standard Operating Procedures' pages are now live with content. All content has also been restricted so that in order for any information to be viewed, the employee must be logged in. The industry Safety First and…

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Testing News Feature

Testing News Feature, I'll add some random text here. Battery Diagnostic Testing The battery in your vehicle supplies power to the starter along with other electrical components which is necessary to start the engine. While the engine is running, the…

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