Join Fast Change Lube & Oil as we support and honor our deployed military personnel by sending them care packages – an expression of our appreciation and gratitude.

How to Help:

Each of our 20 locations are designated drop facilities for any donated care items. For a full list of approved care items see list at bottom.

Fast Change will also be accepting monetary donations beginning June 1st through August 31st, where 100% of the donation will go to Military Missions in support of Operation Soldier Care. Last Year, with support of our communities, Fast Change was able to raise over $11,000!

Care Package Items:

Gift Items
Puzzle Books
Travel Games
Hair Bands/Ties
Small Nerf Balls
Hacky Sacks
Playing Cards
Bibles (pocket size)
Drink Items
Hot Cocoa Mix
Powerdered Drink Mix for Bottled Water
Tea Bags
Snack Items
Hard Candy
Chex Mix
Chewing Gum
Trail Mix
Beef Jerky
Snack Bars
Sunflower Seeds
Slim Jims
Personal Care Items
Baby Wipes (no tubs)
Nasal Saline Spray
Tissues (pocket size)
Lip Balm
Eye Drops
Foot Powder
Boot Insoles
Lens Cleansing Wips
Travel Size: Shampoo, Lotion, and Hand Sanitizer (alcohol free)