Clean, fresh air! You live better with it and so does your engine.

Your engine’s air filter captures airborne contaminants, like bugs and dirt, out of the air before they enter your engine. Each gallon of gasoline burned by your engine requires 10,000 gallons of air – that translates into a lot of contaminants being sucked into your air filter. Left unchanged, dirty air filters can lead to poor acceleration, lower gas mileage and poor engine performance.

We can all breathe cleaner air by having our PCV valves and breather elements changed regularly The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve and breather element process exhaust fumes to reduce air pollutants. Changing PCV valves and breather elements help the air filtration system do its job effectively.

Your air filtration system – air filter, PCV valve and breather element – should be replaced approximately every 9,000 miles or  according to the recommendations in your owner’s manual.

Ask a Fast Change Lube & Oil professional to check these filters so you and your car can breathe easier. Your car engine would answer the same way regarding motor oil.