Well-lubricated manual transmission and gear boxes mean smooth driving for you and your car!

Gear lubricant is a special oil formulated for the extra lubrication needs of gear boxes such as the manual transmission, the differential, the steering gear box and the transfer case in four-wheel drive vehicles. These gears perform best when operating in a pool of oil.

Normal use of your vehicle will subject these fluids to high temperatures which break down the fluid, causing it to become gummy. Once gummy, the oil loses its ability to lubricate properly which can cause abnormal wear on gears, even leading to axle failure.

Gear box fluids get low, If too low, bare metal contact and higher heat can occur causing premature wear on parts.

Differential fluid is one of the least checked fluids. Your vehicle’s differential is a gear box that allows your vehicle’s wheels to turn at different speeds. Well-lubricated differentials can help reduce tire wear, give you better road traction and steering stability.

Gear box lubricants should be serviced between 12 and 24 months or between 12,000 and 30,000 miles, depending on your vehicle and its individual driving conditions. Owners’ manuals give specific recommendations.