How do you prefer your drinking water – clean or mixed with dirt?

Your car engine would answer the same way regarding motor oil.

The oil filter’s job is to remove oil contaminants. It sifts out the solid particles while allowing the oil to flow unrestricted through the engine. When the oil filter becomes full or “clogged,” the oil and contaminants will flow around the filter This “by-passing” is a safety mechanism. As far as your engine is concerned, dirty oil is better than none at all. However, when by-passing occurs, contaminants head straight for the engine where they can eventually cause permanent engine damage. Studies also show that fuel economy and emissions are adversely affected during by-passing.

Protect your engine by having a Fast Change Lube & Oil professional change your oil filter every time you change your motor oil. Changing your oil filter on a timely basis will help keep your engine drinking clear, clean oil!